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Capitulo 22 - And the story goes on...

- Ok, Rita are you ready? - said John, the producer.
- I WAS BORN READY, SIR! - we were making my first scene. My character's name is Sarah. She works for the FBI, was on a mission in Hawaii and was kidnapped by a korean son of a bitch that wanted to free his brother from jail. That was the scene where Steve McGarrett and his parters found and saved her.

- Hey! ANYONE! - I tried to scream, but no one was there to hear me. I also tried to free myself from the ropes I had grabbing my hands, but it was also impossible. I could see the raptors inside of a room upstairs. They were arguing about something. Couldn't hear what.

A couple moments later I hear something coming from the door. The raptors didn't. I thought it would be more of them, but no. They were cops. 3 guys and I girl. The taller one looked at me and told me to calm down. All I did was look at him. What else am I supposed to do, being stuck to a chair? -.-
Bad news? The bad guys saw the cops and started shotting. Meanwhile, the same guy that told me to calm down, came to free my hands and feet and took the tape from my mouth.

- Calm down, we're 5-0. Are you ok? - He asked has I got up.
- No time for that. - I grabbed his second gun from his pants, and shot the last raptor alive, that was about to shoot the smaller guy.
- What are you doing? - He asked me again.
-  You're 5-0 hum. Sarah Washington. FBI. - I said, giving the gun back.
- Steve McGarrett. Can you explained what just happened? You're FBI?
- Thanks for saving my ass. Ready to have me on your team?
- Wait, its you? 
- Not the best way to find out, hum. Sorry.
- Nice to meet you. Thank you on than one. Danny Williams. - Said the smaller guy.
- That's Kono and Chin. - Steve said.
- Nice to meet you. - they said.
- Pleasure's all mine. - Later outsise: - Weird way to meet your new partner, hein. I'm sorry. I didn't know you were dealing with this case.
- But what happened in there, actually? Were you alone? That doesn't seem like FBI.
- I know. Long story. Thank god you guys showed up.


- This was fun today. - I told scott, while we were having coffe and waiting for Alex.
- Yeah, I can see you're enjoying it.
- Its all I ever wanted.
- Can I ask you something?
- Sure, mate.
- Do you miss him?
- I try not to...
- Im just saying because Alex really is a nice guy, you know. He had a lot going on...
- I know. Don't worry.
- Its really great to have you here, you know? Makes me kind of miss NY, tho.
- yeah, I miss it too.

- Hey guys, what are we talking about? - Alex arrived sitting beside me.
- Hum, nothing important. I was about to leave. Just didn't want to leave her here alone.
- Aw, it is so kind of you, Scotty. But I guess I'm a grown woman now. - I joked.
- And that's my line to go ahah milady. - he kissed my hand. - Mister. - he shook Alex 's hand. - See you tomorrow.
- Hahaha. See you tomorrow. - and he left.
- What about us?  - he asked.
- What about? - I answered not leaving my eyes from the coffee cup. - Your house or mine?
- Rita, look at me. - and I did - For a month that we're doing this... Is it all this is gonna be?
- What?
- Friends with benefits. Is that it? Just sex?
- What do you want, Alex? 
- May I take you on a real date, Milady?
- Alex, hum... - "Jared, it's time to move on. Time to do or die, isn't it? Well, I feel like having a drink. Do you guys wanna come?" - Sure. Sounds good. Let's go. Can you just drop me at the hotel so I can take a shower and change.
- Ok, let's go.

30 minutes later, we were already heading the restaurant.

- You look good, honey.
- ahah you don't look so bad yourself...
- Ill take that as a compliment, ok?
- It was a compliment.

Already in the restaurant: 

- hahaha! - He was laughing, looking at me.
- Why are you so happy? - I smiled.
- It makes me happy knowing that you've chosen such a beautiful dress to be with me tonight. You look absolutely beautiful in your dress tonight.

- You like it, hum?
- I like everything about you. - I liked that but I changed the subject anyway..
- Why did you choose a restaurant so fancy? - I asked, drinking a little of wine.
- This is a special night...
- Is it?
- Yeah! Our first date...
- yeah, you're right.
- The first of many.
-  wow, you're so confident.
-  I don't know it must be the wine.

After a couple of glasses of wine, it wasn't hard to wonder where we ended up next. His bedroom.
- Its a really nice dress but I have to take it off. I'm dying to take it of you. - he was saying while trying to take my dress off.

- I'm thinking the same about this sexy, sexy, sexy suit. You're so damn sexy right now. - I started taking all his clothes off after I was already naked. The next moments are pretty predictable, right?

- Alex? - I asked, before falling asleep.
- Yes?
- I really enjoyed our first real date tonight, you know?
- I did too. You're really something.
- Something good, I hope.
- Is this becoming something serious?
- I don't know. Do you want to?  - I faced him, stroking his cheek.
- Yes, I really want to.
- So let's do it...
- You serious?
- Yeah, let's just not tell anyone from the show ok? I don't want them to think that I got the job only because we're together...
-  Its ok, baby.
- Thank you. - I smiled and kissed him. He hugged me tight. - This is going to be good. New country, new life.


5 days later

I knew something was different. I didn't feel the same. I took a day off and I called Annie in the morning.
- Olá Annie...
- Olá Ritinha! Como é que tu estás?
- Not sure... por isso é que preciso de falar contigo.
- Conta.
- Hum... Eu e o Alex temos estado juntos desde há um mês, como já sabes, não é?
- Sim?
- Pode ter havido algumas vezes que nao usámos protecçao...
- Mas tomas a pilula...
- Sim, mas... com os nervos do Shannon, depois a série... nao me lembro se a tomei como deve ser.
- Rita...? Mais alguma coisa que me queiras dizer sobre a tua vida sexual? - I was so nervous that tears started falling and there was nothing I could do.
- Annie, eu estou tão assustada!
- Mas acalma-te. Estás com medo de estar grávida, é isso?
- Já fiz o teste....
- Já viste o resultado?
- Estou grávida...
- Não acreditooooooo!
- Desculpa!
- Porque é que me estás a pedir desculpa?
- Porque fui uma irresponsável! Cheguei ao Hawaii e engravidei? Como é que não tive cuidado?
- Oh amor, calma! O que é que vais fazer agora?
- Decidir se vou ter este filho ou não...
- Claro que vais ter este filho! Nem penses em abortar! Se tiveste cabeça para o fazer, consciente dos teus atos ou não, terás cabeça para sofrer as consequências...Terão os dois!
- Tens razão...
- Nao me leves a mal,  Rita. O filho é do Alex? Pergunto isto porque não acabaste com o Shannon há muito tempo.
- Ai, tenho que ir falar com o Alex... - suddenly, I hear the door opening. - Ele vem aí... ligo-te depois, ok?
- Sim. Mantem a calma. Até logo.

- Hey baby, how are you feeling? - he asked kissing me on the cheek and sitting next to me.
- Not so well. I need to talk to you, Alex... - I was still nervous. Omg, what have I done to my life? I always thought id have kids after having my life organized, and honestly, I never thought it would be with Alex. 
- Ok, do you want me to call the doctor?
- No, its ok. - I grabbed his hand. - First of all, I hope you won't stay mad at me... I'm so sorry, Alex...
- Are you breaking up with me? - he was getting nervous.
- I know this is happening to fast, I should've been more carefull, I'm sorry. - I was crying again.
- But what have I done? Why are you breaking up with me?
- I'm not breaking up with you, Alex... - I kept crying.
- Hey dont cry, baby. Come here... -  he hugged me tight. - Dont cry...
- I'm pregnant...
- You're what? - He backed off.
- I'm pregnant... I'm so sorry, Alex. I know this hasn't been plan. We don't have to do this. I can still...
- No you won't. I won't let you. We're going to do this, baby... - He hugged me again - We're having a baby! - I could hear him smile through his voice.
- Aren't you mad at me?
- How could I? It takes two to do it, and I loved every single time we did it. I wasn't that carefull either! So please stop crying baby. Aren't you happy?
- Yes... but I'm so scared. This happened so fast. We've been together for a month and we're already having a baby? Its not a toy. I'm so scared. - I was happy but I couldn't stop crying.
- Shh, I'm right here... I'm right here. I'll be beside you no matter what. We'll enjoy this crazy adventure together... I love you. There's nothing to be scared of.
- I love you too.

What the hell? Why do I have to screw everything up all the time. With all the drama going on in my life, I had to get pregnant... I'm such an irresponsable looser. Have you ever got the need to go back and time and never be born? Well, I had.

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Capitulo 21 - Underdog, just look at the mess you've made.

- Ok, sweetheart... time to go - he grabbed me and held me up.
- You serious? Do you accept my offer?
- I'm going to give you a coffee, and take you to your hotel so you can sleep.
- But...
- nope. Do as you're told.
-  Ok, Dad?
- Come on.

He took me to the hotel and made sure I went to my room safe and sound. Even though I tried, I couldn't sleep. What a day... what a day.
At 7pm I receive a call from Ju.
- Hey baby girl. Where are you at?
- At the hotel.
- Honolulu's?
- yep.
- Ok we'll be there in five then.
-  Ok, I'll the downstairs waiting.

The dinner went very well. Everything goes well with a bottle of white wine. Ju asked me about Shannon but I didn't answer. I guess she got it. Anyway, it was fun. She's very happy with her fiaancée and I'm very happy for her. After that, they had to go somewhere so I asked them if they could leave me on the beach, so they did. I was sat on the sand just watching the night when my phone rang. It was Shannon.

- Hello? Hello? - he probably called me by mistake. All I could hear was Tomo laughing out loud. That made me laugh a little... tomo always made me laugh. I could hear their conversation. I was about to hang up (I didn't want to listen other peoples chats) when I heard something that caught me up.

- Hey bro. How are you doing? - Jared asked.
- Well, I would be lying if I said I'm ok. I'm a mess. She called me today saying that she won the role.
- That's awesome for her. - Tomo said.
- Yeah but not for me. Anyway, I won't be crying forever. I don't have time for that.
- But is everything ok between you two? - Jared asked
- No, we're not together anymore. Its time to move on. I know that guy Alex is into her. Sooner or later, something is going to happen.
- That does not sound like Rita.
- Jared, its time to move on. Time to do or die, isn't it? Well I feel like having a drink. Do you guys want to come?

And after that I hang up. I could not believe that just happened.
OK, was he mad at me? I think he was. This time I was the one that got away, but I was chasing my dreams. I thought he was going to wait for me. Shit, my heart was broken again but I seriously thought that was the final end. He was moving on, I needed to do that too.
I kept my head up, and my first week in Hawaii was AMAZYNG! It was the first time I had such a serious job but I was loving it. Everything was going so well. I bet my drama teacher would be proud.

Saturday night:

Time to rest! Finally. But not for too long. I opened my laptop and went to see the news on tumblr. And what I found... hell, I don't deserve that not even to my  worst enemy.

"Shannon Leto exits the club with two beautiful blonde girls. 
The drummer of the Rock band Thirty Seconds to Mars was found yesterday having intimate moments at the Amsterdam club with two young girls."

I did not want to read the rest. I know how it ended. I know him. Although, I wanted to make sure that that was true so I called Jared. 

- Hi Jay, how are you? - I was very calm. He did not.
- Hum Hi Rita. I'm great,  how are you? How is it going?
- Everything's fine. Listen I'm going to be very fast. I just need you to tell me the truth.
- Listen, I...
- Jared, is the rumour true?
- this is between you two.
- Just tell me the god damn truth, Jared!
- Yes, it is true. I'm sorry. I tried to get him to do the right thing but... - I was already crying.
- Its been a week... a freaking week.
- Oh sweetheart.
- Hey bro, is that annie? Tell her to bring bread. - I heard Shannon in the background.
- Actually it is for you. Take it. - he was about to get him on the phone.
- Jay, please don't. - I couldn't stop crying.
- Hey Annie Banani! Can you bring some bread please? I'm starving. - I didn't answer, of course - Annie?
- How could you, Shann?
- Rita? - he was shocked.
- Its been a fucking week...
- I had to move on.
- I thought you'd be waiting for me. That's what we've promised each other, Shann. - I was sobbing. Id never thought that that could happen again.
- Hey baby, don't cry...
- Don't call me that. It was all lies! Let me tell you something Shannon Leto, you are a hell of an actor. You made me believe in you! I was so stupid, AGAIN!
- We were supposed to be apart, we talked about that. We both were going to see other people. You had Alex there. I just went out with some girls.
- Alex? Alex is my friend.
- For now.
- From New York, not from you Shann.
- Don't say my name like that, baby. - BAAAAM, RIGHT IN THE FEELS.
- Don't worry. Its the last time you'll hear it.
- Rita, come on. We both knew this was going to happen. That's why we decided to...
- You seriously thought I would fuck some guy here? Do you really think I would have sex with Alex? That's you, not me.
- Rita I know I did something wrong but I was drunk, I took something. I was mad because you were staying there and...
- Do you really think that's an excuse?
- No but...
- You ruined everything Shannon. I hope you remember these words very clearly every single time you'll fuck anyone else: You are not going to find anyone else that would love you more than I did all these years. No one will love you like I do. And you screwd everything Shannon. You broke me. - he didn't answer this time. - I hate you. You don't deserve anything.
- No you don't. Baby I know I fucked everything up. I'm sorry.
- Unfortunately I'm not lying this time. I never want to see you again. I hate you. Goodbye.
- Rita, wait...

I broke the cellphone against the wall. That was the last time I wanted to talk to him. My life just changed. I wanted to get revenge because he really broke me. I started to see Alex more often and we were kind of together. At least sexually.