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Capitulo 23 - She dreams of love, he lives to run.

Annie and Jared

- Hey Annie Banani! - he screamed as he entered the room. Annie was seating on the couch with the phone on his lap.
- Really?
- What? I thought you liked when I call you Annie Banani. - he sat beside her - Hi baby - and kissed her. - Is everything ok?
- Yeah, I just talked to Rita...
- Oh is she ok?
- Yeah she's... she's fine.
- So why are you feeling so blue?
- It just upsets me,  you know... this whole thing between Rita and Shannon, I mean... why does it has to happen? They were so in love, so drawn to each other. And just like that... puff. Its all over. Everyones broken.
- I know right. I mean... Shannon is really broken. I've never seen him like this and when he discovered that she was with Alex... Annie, breaks my heart seeing my brother like this.
- I just wish I could help.
- Yeah, me too.
- Jay, promise me we're never gonna be like them.
- Yeah I don't wanna be like them either. I know that I make a lot of mistakes, Annie... we will have to find a way out to solve the problems. But later... Now I have to solve another problem. I mean, you'll have to solve it. - Jared said, getting closer to Annie.

- I know I know. I'll make something for you to eat. -She got up and he followed her.
- Not what I meant... - Jared hugged her and forced her to hug him too trying to drag her hands to his ass. - I was talking about my huge boner... - she loved when he whispered those kind of things on her ear.
- Don't you wanna eat first? - he slides his hands from her belly to her breats and neck.
- You think? - His voice and breath were hot and slow.
- Who needs food, anyway? - she follows his lead and starts kissing him while his hands are searching every part of her body.
- Its almost christmas... I think I deserve a little present. - he whispered while squeezing her breasts with both hands.

- Yeah, I think so.
- On your knees. - He demanded but she ignored him and tried to kiss him again. - Anna, on...your...knees. Now. She slowly got on her knees and unlocked his belt. With one hand she was caressing his boner through the jeans and with the other, she pushed his jeans and boxers down. His member was huge and super excited right in front of her face so she grabbed it tight and started licking it and stroking with her hand.

- Oh yes, just like that baby. - His hand was touching her hair forcing her to go further. - Just like that... - he moaned. She kept doing her job until he told her to stop - Get up! - As she did, he got rid of his shoes and clothes and did the same with her dress.
- Jezus, Jared, you drive me crazy! - She tried to say while he was wildly kissing her.
- And I've only started... - Suddenly, he quickly grabbed her and put her on the table near by, standing between her legs. He started to kiss her neck, moving to her breasts, licking and bitting while his hand was inside her panties stroking her clit, deadly slowly. She was feeling the orgasm growing inside her and he knew itb so he stopped everything and just stood there touching himself. She was about to do the same when... - Stop. Don't. Just watch... - He kept stroking himself between her legs but without touching her.
- You're killing me, Jared. C'mon... - He knew it.
- That's exactly what I want... - he laughed a bit, watching her getting insane to have him.
- Please, baby...
- What? Tell me.

- Just do me already. - He kissed her once again and licked her body until he reached her clit. He licked her over and over again and she felt the orgasm growing again. - Oh my lord, Jay... - and as he helped, getting a finger inside her, she came hard squeezing his head between her thighs. - Oh jezus fucking christ, Jared!!! - He stopped and she finally rested.
- You just woke up the whole neighbourhood. - He laughed kissing her belly.

- This is what you do to me, you crazy son of a bitch. Come here. - He climbed to the table too and stood right there.
- I love you... - How sweet... he told her looking into her eyes.
- I love you. - she had those sky blue eyes looking to her freaking soul. - Not the right moment, tho... saying this while having sex: Not vailable. - they laughed.
- I'll tell you later again, baby. - saying that, he shoved his member right where she wanted.
- Oh jezus fucking christ. Oh my god, Jared. - She moaned as he started moving inside her.
- You're too religious today, Annie... Something wrong? - he joked.
- Oh shut up.. - they started to move a little bit faster together. Both sweaty, moaning, horny... until they both reached that point where they couldn't take it anymore and exploded. Well, she did it first, then she just started to move her hips slowly towards his pelvis and he was sexily insane. His pupils were so dilataded. It was like she was his drug. He had his mouth open while he moaned near to Annie's mouth.
- Right there, baby. Oh holy shit. - she started to move her hips faster - Yes baby, fuck me. Just like that. - She kept going until he couldn't take it anymore.
- You like it like this? - she felt him vibrating and a huge wild growl came from his mouth.
-  Oh lord... Annie, baby! - And he came. - Sweet mother of god! -  He rested his body on the top of hers.
- This was fun..
- You think? Ahahah - he asked, breathless.
- Yes!
- Hey can I get something to eat now? - they both laughed, tired.

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