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Capitulo 13 - "I Felt Like I Was Flying On Shit"

Perspectiva do Shannon:

     Well, that argue was pretty fucked! I felt so bad when i saw her crying. When she got up of the bed, deep inside i knew it that she was leaving.
     I tried to make her stay but she didn't listen to me. I had to let her go and then my world fell apart. Tried to count to ten before start breaking shit, but it didn't work. Just ended breaking the room.
     One week was passed but she didn't say anything; I actually left some messages on her voicemail, but nothing happened. I felt like i was flying on shit.
     One day, Jared was on Annie's house and i was about to sleep but someone knocked on my door.

- I'm comming!

- Hi Shannon. - FUCK!! When i saw her, i just wanted to hug her, but i couldn't

- What are you... - she just jumped on me and kissed me.

     I knew that she would come, i knew that she would forgive me. We  sited on the couch talking a little and then she felt asleep on my arms, but i don't. I kept there watching her sleep. And then Jared showed up.

- Hey bro. - Jared said.

- Shh.. Rita's sleeping. I'm gonna take her to my room.

     I left her im my bed and went to the window to smoke. I was thinking about everything that had happened before: How did i felt in love with her... I'm not a young boy anymore, in spite of being healthy, i'm 41 years old and i've lived so much... I had a 'million' girls, a 'milion' crushes but i only really felt in love twice: With Rita and with my drums. *laughs*
We've been living so much stuff together, we always fight and we always make out, but i'm ready to to fight with her everyday. Scream, cry, love, kiss, make love, whatever... because that's why i love her, i love who she is and i love every second that we spend together. I want this for the rest of my life, seriously.
     I ended my cigarette and i went back to the bed, looking at her lips and i just wanted to kiss her soft lips for the rest of our fucking days, so i did it... i kissed her and she woke up and kissed me back.

- Lay here with me, honey. - I laid next to her and she hugged me.

    We stayed there and we just didn't say a word. While I was stroking her shoulder, she began to put their hands inside of my shirt and kissing my chest. The silence was permanent, actually, we could only hear the sound of her kisses on my body. Rita started to take off our clothes but this time we weren't about having sex, we were about making love, without that crazy desire. When we were all naked, we got under the blanket. She was under me so i kissed her entire body. Not to excite her, but to let her no my love for her. And then we just made love.
     I actually guess that that was the second time that we made love like this. The first one was our first time and then we got to eccentric.
    I dont know how i've became like this, actually. I've always been the '365 girls' men but i'm not sad for stopped beeing like this, i'm happy. I'm getting old and i need to stop and think about all this.

    Maybe i'd marry her one day, i don't know. I just know that i'm happy with her now.

Olá queridos leitores,

Peço imensas desculpas por ter demorado a postar, mas com as aulas, não tenho tido tempo para nada.
Contudo, ficam aqui com dois capítulos novos. Espero que gostem e peço-vos que comentem para eu poder ver se estão a gostar ou não da história.

Diana Martins.

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  1. ola Diana
    Eu estou a adorar a tua historia...continua

  2. Estou a adorar a fanfic, continua :)