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Capitulo 6 - Alex's Vision

Perspectiva do Alex:

When i arrived at Hawaii, there was Scott and daniel waiting for me.

- Hey guys!! - Hugged both.

- Hey, Bro! How are you? - asked me Scott, then i hugged Daniel too

- Fine! - looked around me and watched the view - Gosh, how i miss it...

- Come on, we gotta go to the studio...

- Great... i need to talk to Robert. (The director)

- Ok ok, let's go...


- So, Alex. Do you want to talk to me?

- Yeah, Rob... I was thinking if you have a new role, or something.

- What for?

- I have a friend that...

- It's a woman?

- Yes.

- Great. I have a role for a new 5-0 member that will have a romantic story with Steve.

- Oh... With... Steve... ?

- Yep, you... You can  call your friend and tell her to come here to do the casting.

- When?

- in the middle of the season... 5 months. But you know... if she sucks, i will pick someone else

- Ok ok, thaks... - gave him a hand shake.

- i'm trusting you... - when i was leaving the room, he called me again. - Hey Alex, Dont mix love with work, ok? I want you focus.

- What do you mean?

- That chick...

- What? She's just my friend... i'm a good professional, Rob... You know that.

- I know, my friend. I'm just kiding...

- So funny... Bye.

I went back to the hotel and met Grace

- Hey sister... - hugged her

- Ho, Alex... I missed you.

- I missed you too... How are you doing?

- Great!! But tell me the news, come on!

So we went to the hotel and stayed talking for a while.

(...) 5 Days Later:
I was in my room, and i decided to call Rita to tell her the news. I just didn't call her later, because i wanted her to think about our conversation. Who answered me the phone, was Tixa and then she gave the phone to Rita .

- Hi - she said

- Hey, how are you? - we spoke for a while and then i asked her about the role but i didn't tell her that she was going to have a romantic role with Steve... Me -.-! I'll let her discover that. But anyway, she didn't tell me if she wanted the work and turned off the phone.
I was so tired that i fell asleep and just waked when i heard my phone ringing.

- hey... - i said, a little sleepy

- Hey Alex... - was Rita.

- everything's fine?

- Yap... did i wake you?

- Yeah, but don't worry about that.

- Alex, listen: I didn't answered you before.

- Yes, i know.

- I accept it... - ALELUIAAA!!

- Oh, thank god!

- I needed to think

- I'm sure that you made the right choice.

- I got nothing to lose.

- Exactly... And a lot to win...

- Right.

- So, when do you wanna come?

- when do you want me to go?

- 5 month from now - we were in July - December?

- Ok... Look... in two days i'll go to portugal visit my friends, so, if i didn't answer you the phone, you already know why...

- Ok ok...  Bye, honey. - OMG - Sorry...

- Bye, Alex... Hey, can you send me the guide for my e-mail?

- I can only send you after you do the casting, because Rob didn't give it to me..

- Ok, Thank you. Bye, sweetie.. - Awkward xDDD

- Bye...- Turned off the phone.

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  1. Honey??? Sweetie??? Oh my gosh, SOO CUTE!! ^^
    Quero mais, mal posso esperar por ler os próximos!

  2. adorei...

    quero mais...


  3. i loveee it *.* you knowww!
    love you floweer <3

  4. I loveeeee, love, love, love, it!
    A história está linda, sem sombra de dúvida e o facto de ter partes escritas em inglês, é um facto que prende imediatamente o leitor ao ecrã do pc!
    Ganhaste aqui mais uma fãaaa! :D

    Beijinhos, amor! <3